Cara Viola

Dry Roses and Diary

WHO am I?


I ghostwrite nonfiction, how-to books, life story books, memoirs, what-the-fuck-is-that-about books, etc. 

I write fiction under my own name. (Actually, one of my own names – I have a few.) My debut novel, The Exhibition, came out last year. (That's me reading from the opening chapter.) Coincidentally or not, it has a spooky vibe. 

I’m also an editor and translator. In short, I do things with books, baby.

Want to know even more?

My full name is Cara Viola Bland. I'm British-German, now back to living in the Ruhrgebiet after having lived in the UK and Luxembourg for 15 years. I went to Oxford. I love gardening, dancing, and writing books (duh), my own and other people's.


Whose books do I write?

Smart women in Germany who want to break into the English market.

Geht's los, oder was?


Want to have written a book?

 Got the knowledge but not the time?

Want a book to your name but just don't want to write it?

Tell me about it.


Got a book in German but need it in English?

Got a book in English but need it checked?

Tell me about it.


Want proof?

"Frau Bland hat mich als Copy Editor durch zwei Buchprojekte begleitet. Sie hat mit sehr viel Feingefühl und Hingabe alle meine Wünsche als Autorin erfüllt."

Martina Simonsen

"Cara was a joy to work with. She is well organised and we rarely had to go back and forth as she understood the tasks from the get go. 

Any change queries were done in a timely manner and her skill to fit my tone of voice as my ghostwriter speaks for itself through the many reviews that have claimed they can hear me talking when reading the book, ghostwritten by Cara. I can recommend her in good conscience and would not hesitate to hire her again."

Christine Hansen

Check out this recent book I ghostwrote.