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The Exhibition - Cover.png

The Exhibition

Glasgow, 1901

Madeleine Yare, a talented woodworker, arrives at Kelvingrove ahead of the Glasgow International Exhibition. Uprooted and alone – until a stranger arrives. Madeleine must decide whether she will renounce her freedom to achieve the recognition she craves.

"An absorbing coming-of-age novel full of intrigue, heritage and beauty that will cloak you in a history you can still visit simply by stepping into Glasgow’s Kelvingrove Gallery today. Irresistible." Judy Darley. Review.


"It's a haunting, mesmerising book that balances intrigue and gorgeous prose in equal measure." Sarah Tinsley. Review.

"Local novelist's debut mixes history, mystery, tension." Jeff Palms. Review.

"With themes of folklore and heritage, this was a story that enthralled us." The Debut Digest. Interview.

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