Hi! I'm Cara. That's me reading—something I do a lot.

When I'm not reading, I'm writing, gardening, or staring out of the window. 

I also work with other people's words. Weeding words, growing them, making sure they blossom.

Books, reading, creative writing, Luxembourg

My history of words:

British-German: The war comes up A LOT.

Now living in rural Luxembourg. Moien!

Was once a Glasgow Girl, hen.

Went to Oxford, got into the ivory tower, and found it wanting.

Who I work with:


People (mostly), usually at communication agencies, literary consultancies, nonprofit organisations, B2B and B2C companies, news outlets, and publishing houses in Luxembourg, the UK, and elsewhere in Europe. 

I write about things past, tales retold, imaginary problems that can turn out to be real, and fellow creatures called nonhumans.

By day, I'm an editor in the cultural & political sphere and a German-English creative translator. I work as a fiction editor, in magazine publishing, news, and with media outlets. I'm also a ghostwriter, but psst, don't tell anyone!

Stuff I think about:


The ways in which mythic stories can be re-imagined and how past and present concepts of the nonhuman can inform us about our perceptions of ourselves as humans. (Okay, so some of the Oxford stuff stuck.)

Check out some of my words:

My debut novel, The Exhibition, was shortlisted for the Cinnamon Press Pencil Prize 2019 and longlisted for the Laxfield Literary Launch Prize 2020. Coming November 2021.

My novella, Valentine & Orson, was shortlisted in the Reflex Press Novella Award 2021.

My short story, Goewin, is published in Fly on the Wall's Identity Magazine.

A is for Askafroawritten in response to an illustration by Katherine Soutar, is published in The Dawntreader, Summer 2021 (Indigo Dreams Publishing).

'The Day After Sunday' is published in Misplacement Magazine.

Read my essay on concepts of time and the climate crisis in Sage Magazine.

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